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When and where can I pay my taxes?

- By Mail: The most common way to pay is by mail. See below to obtain a receipt if mailing your payment.


- THIS METHOD IS CURRENTLY SUSPENDED - STAY TUNED! >>>By Credit Card or E-check. Please click on the link on the Payment Information Page. Municipay will keep a small fee for processing your payment and deposit the payment funds into the Pennsburg Borough Tax Collector Account at QNB. You will receive an Email with a receipt, as will I.


- Electronic Check are no longer accepted unless the tax payer also sends the bill for proper processing. Thank you! 


- In Person: Collections can be made in person on the Collection dates & times printed on your tax bills. Listed on the Payment Information Page are the collection dates and times, at the Pennsburg Borough Hall, 76 West Sixth Street, Pennsburg.


- Other arrangements and appointments can be made at any time by calling (215) 679-5977.


*Please note, if you are paying in cash, please bring exact change.

*If you are paying any Tax Payment  AFTER December 15, you may only pay by Certified Check or Money Order.

* *PLEASE do not leave any payments at my home or in the mailbox. They can be stolen, blow away, and leaving anything in a mailbox is not acceptable by the US Post Office. My neighbor has kindly handed over a few that she found. Instead, please call for an appointment.    Thank you for your help!

How can I get a receipt for my paid taxes?
If mailing your payment, you must include a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope, and BOTH copies of your tax bill, along with your full payment. One of those copies has to stay with your Tax Payment. When your payment is processed, a stamped and dated copy of the tax bill will be returned to you in about (2) weeks. Please allow time for check processing.

Can I post-date my check?
It is illegal to post-date a check.

Does the Postmark count as an 'on-time' payment?
Yes. Check with the post office as to when and how postmarks are applied to your envelope.


What is an interim bill?
Interim bills are issued by the County/Borough and/or School District when there has been a change in the assessment value of your property. Usually this is in the form of an addition, such as a deck, or finished basement. The interim bill is to make up the taxes owed on the additional value of the property since the last regularly scheduled bill. Interim bills are usually issued after a building permit has been closed out. Sometimes, the interim bill is issued in the form of a credit (for reduced property assessments). This credit can be used toward your real estate bill for that parcel. If you receive an interim bill, you should contact your mortgage company or bank before sending the interim tax bill to them for payment.


What is a Per Capita Tax?
It is a 'head' tax, for each member of a household 18 years of age or older. A third of the tax is paid to the Borough, and the other 2/3 of the tax is paid to the School District. It is used toward the Borough's general funds (i.e. lights, roads, public safety etc).

Please see below for more information.


Can I pay my Per Capita and School Taxes with one check?
Yes. You may pay both bills, and multiple Per Capita taxes with one check, and include them all in the same envelope, and save a bit of money!


Do I send my tax bills to my mortgage company or bank?
If your mortgage company or bank is collecting your tax payments in an escrow account, you should send them the "Tax Collector" copy of the tax bill.

Typically, your mortgage company or bank does not collect escrow monies for the Per Capita tax. It is recommended that you do not send mortgage companies your Per Capita Bill, as it's usually impossible to retrieve them back.

If you receive an interim tax bill (usually for renovations, additions, decks, etc.), you should contact your mortgage company or bank before sending the interim tax bill to them for payment.

Can I pay in installments?
Currently, State Law does not allow partial payments for County/Borough Real Estate Taxes. You can contact your mortgage company to set up an escrow account, or your bank may have some savings plans available.

See information below for the installment plan for the School Real Estate Tax Bills.


How is my School Real Estate Tax bill different from the County/Borough Tax Bill?
If you are eligible (eligibility is determined from the Homestead/Farmstead application), then you have the option of paying via installments or making a full payment. You enter the installment plan by making your first partial payment by 8/31. Upon entering the installment plan, your second and third payment coupons will be mailed to you.

My assessment seems lower this year (or it's different from my County/Borough Assessment.
If you were determined to be eligible under the homestead/farmstead act, then you received a reduction in your assessment of your property.

What important things should I know about making installment payments?

  • If you elect to pay in installments, you will not receive the standard 2% discount.
  • If you elect to pay in installments and are late making any one of the payments, the standard penalty amount (10%) applies immediately.

Do I save any money by making installment payments?
No. You are making payments on the face/net amount, not the discount amount.

Can I still just make one discount, or one face/net payment, or one penalty payment?

Yes. You do not have to pay in installments. To take advantage of the 2% discount, pay your tax bill in full by August 31st. (or by Oct 31st for face/net)

What if my mortgage/bank/escrow company pays my tax bills?
Good question. Most escrow agreements state that monies collected for taxes must take advantage of any discounts offered by the taxing authority. Therefore, your mortgage company should make one payment at discount (due by August 31st).

Why might I not be eligible?
The reasons vary:

  • • You might not have filled out the paperwork for the Homestead/Farmstead Eligibility. You can still fill this out, but it won't determine your eligibility until next year. A copy is available for download here.
  • You may own the property, but do not use it as you primary residence.

Can I still get a receipt for my payments?
Yes. Send two copies of the tax bills, or two copies of the proper coupons, along with a self-addressed stamped envelope in order to receive a receipt by mail.


I've moved out of the Borough or School District, do I need to pay the tax bills?
It depends. A responsible Title/Abstract Agency will settle-up Real Estate taxes paid and/or due at the property closing. The amounts are usually split between the new and former owners.


If you have moved but still remain in the Upper Perkiomen School District, you will need to pay the tax. Include your new address when you pay your bill and it will be updated in the future.

If you have moved out of the Upper Perkiomen School District BEFORE January 1st of the year we are in, you do not have to pay the tax. Please contact me and/or UPSD be removed from the tax rolls.


EXEMPTIONS: If you are 18 & over, and earn under $10,000.00/yr, you may apply to be exempt. Please contact me to secure an Application to fill out. Give/send back to me. I will sign it and forward to the school district.


How do I pay my bill after December 15th?

Only Certified Checks, Cashier's Checks, Money orders or CreditCard & Echeck payments are accepted after December 15th.

What about delinquent taxes?
Tax bills are considered delinquent after December 31st of the year (excluding some interim bills). Real Estate Bills are liened during the month of January. You will be contacted by one of the entities listed below to make payment on outstanding taxes and any penalties and interest that may be due. The tax collector cannot accept payments for liened properties, but can sometimes provide information, if needed.


County/Borough Real Estate Taxes:
Northeast Revenue Services: (484) 681-9231


School Real Estate Taxes:
Portnoff Associates: 1 (800) 561-7989


Per Capita Taxes:
Berkheimer Associate: (610) 588-0965


Is there a Property Tax Rebate Program available through the State?
Yes, information on eligibility and a link to the application form can be found at:

Per Capita Tax Exemption Form:


Adobe Acrobat document [227.8 KB]


Helpful Veteran Contacts: 

Coatesville Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Ph: 610-384-7711


Gulf War/Agent Orange Helpline 

Ph: 800-749-8387


Pennsylvania Veterans Affairs Medical Center 

Ph: 800-949-1001


Spring City Veterans Affairs Out Patient Clinic

Ph: 610-948-0981


Telecommunication Device for the Deaf (TDD) 

Ph: 800-829-4833


Veterans Affairs Benefits 

Ph: 800-827-1000


Veterans Affairs Education (GI Bill) 

Ph: 888-442-4551


Veterans Affairs Health Care Benefits 

Ph: 877-222-8387


Veterans Affairs Life Insurance 

Ph: 800-669-8477


Willow Grove Out Patient Clinic

Ph: 215-823-6050


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