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Patricia Ann Baver
Mailing Address: 101 Dotts Street, Pennsburg, PA 18073
Phone: (215) 679-5977,  Fax: (267) 923-5233


2019 Montgomery County/Pennsburg Borough Real Estate Tax Bill Due Dates

Issued: March 1, 2019
2% Discount Date: up to 4/30/19
Face/Net Date: up to 6/30/19
10 % Penalty After: 6/30/19 - 12/31/19


2019-2020 Upper Perkiomen School District Real Estate Tax Bill
Per Capita Tax Bill Due Dates

Issued: July 1, 2019
2% Discount Date: up to August 31, 2019
Face/Net Date: up to October 31, 2019
10% Penalty: up to April 15, 2019


UPSD by Installment Due Dates

Issued July 1, 2019

1st Payment:  up to 08/31/19 

2nd Installment:  up to 10/15/19

3rd Installment:  up to 12/15/19


* * All taxes due by December 31st, 2019 * *


2019 Collection Dates held at the Pennsburg Borough Hall
April 18, 23, 25, 27 from 11:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.
March 15 and April 19, 26, 30 from 4:00 P.M.- 6:00 PM

Located at Pennsburg Borough Hall, 76 West 6th Street, Pennsburg
Front Entrance

Payment options

By Mail- Please send your full payment to:                                          Payment Methods Accepted:

   Patricia Ann Baver, Tax Collector                                                        Cash
   101 Dotts Street                                                                                  Personal Check(Not after December 15th of the tax year)
   Pennsburg, PA  18073-1337                                                               Cashier's Check or Money Order

                                                                                                               Automated Bank Checks ONLY accepted with a bill copy
   - make checks payable to: Patricia Ann Baver, Tax Collector             see below


   - Automated bank checks are ONLY accepted as payment if you also send a copy of your bill for processing. The bill is 

   essential for having your payment appropriately applied. Thank you!


   - If you desire a stamped receipt for yourself, you must include BOTH copies of your bill as one must be retained for 

   processing, AND an SASE. 


   - Please NEVER leave payments outside my home or in the mailbox. Not only does the Post Office find this

   unacceptible and can fine you, but these payments can be lost, stolen, or tampered with. Please call to make sure I am

   home to receive your payment. Thank you!

In Person- Payments made in person can only be accepted during the dates & times listed on your bill( or see above), OR by

   making an appointment with the Tax Collector by calling 215-679-5977

   - Accommodations will be made for those with disabilities who are unable to leave their homes. Please call for assistance.




For information dated 2014 to present, please send a Directive and check made out to: Patricia Ann Baver

Certs and Bill copies will be faxed. If you need a hard copy, please also send an SASE.

The Directive should include parcel number, owner name, your company Address, Phone and Fax number.

Tax Certificates: $25.00                                       Duplicate Bill Copies: $5.00


For Information dated 2013 and prior, please email Jennifer LaJeunesse:

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