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Pennsburg Real Estate Taxes will be issued  3/1/18

UPSD Real Estate Taxes and Per Capita Taxes are issued 7/1/18


2018 UPSD Collection Dates/Times

Held at Pennsburg Borough Hall


Mornings 11am to 1pm:

August 21, 25, 30 and October 31st

Evenings 4pm to 6pm:

July 20 and

August 24, 28, 31

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We are now in FACE period of Tax Paying


Helpful Hint!  If you have not paid your Real Estate yet and can do so, it would help to pay them by 10/31/18. After this date, we are in the Penalty Period of paying which adds a 10% fee to the bill. 



If you are moving out of UPSD, please inform your Tax Collector and/or School District to be taken off the UPSD  Per Capita Tax list. Also, alert your new school district or tax office to be put on their list.

If you are moving within the UPSD District, you will need to be transferred to your new Tax Collector. This can take time to process. Your patience is appreciated!

Either way, if you are moving, PLEASE call!


Taxpayer Tips:

1. Automated Bank Checks MUST be accompanied by a bill for proper processing. Please send your bill copy separate if the bank does not have it.

2. Tax Collectors cannot take personal checks after December 15th of the collecting year due to the time it takes for the check to clear the bank. Cashier's Checks, Money Orders and Cash are acceptible payments after December 15th.

3. Please, please do not leave payments outside my home. They have disappeard for months only to be found at the neighbors home across the block. They can also get stolen, blown away, lost. Please make an appointment to hand deliver, come to one of my collection dates at the Borough Hall, OR mail the payment.

4. To get a stamped copy of your Tax Bill, please make sure to send an SASE, and TWO copies of your bill. I need one for processing.

Thank you!!




Patricia Ann Baver

Pennsburg Borough Tax Collector

101 Dotts Street

Pennsburg, PA  18073-1337

215-679-5977 - phone    267-923-5233 - fax

Serving Pennsburg Borough, Montgomery County PA  from January 2018 - January 2022

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